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Projects funded before 2008

  1. Adaptive Collaborative Management research programme (ACM)
  2. Collective Action and Property Rights research project ‘Collective action to secure property rights for the poor: avoiding elite capture of natural resource benefits and governance systems’
  3. Assessment of the potential for non-timber forest products (NTFPs) based development
  4. Benefits of biodiversity
  5. Forests and human health
  6. Vulnerability to climate variability and change among communities depending on livestock and forest in Northern Mali: A cross-scale analysis

Projects funded in 2008

  1. Forest fire management in India : Integrating ecological and cultural contexts and consequences
  2. Mahogany and teak furniture: Action research to improve value chain efficiency and enhance livelihoods
  3. EC/IFAD CGIAR programme: Forest finance and trade, law enforcement and corporate accountability
  4. Bio-energy, sustainability and trade-offs: Can we avoid deforestation while promoting bio-energy?
  5. Mobilization and strengthening of capacity of small and medium size enterprises involved in non-timber forest product networks in Central Africa (Mobilisation et renforcement des capacités des PME impliquées dans les filières PFNL en Afrique Centrale)
  6. The role of forests in adaptation to and mitigation of climate change
  7. Promoting participatory action research through structured learning on climate change adaptation in Africa
  8. Biodiversity monitoring in Laos: From theory to practice
  9. The 1st phase of a collaborative process to provide meaningful and effective analyses of alternative policy proposals for inclusion of reducing emissions from REDD in the post-2012 global climate change agreement
  10. REDD implementation in Indonesia
  11. Longhouse of the Tarsier: Changing landscapes, gender and well-being in Borneo
  12. LAMIL (Guinea/Sierra Leone transboundary biodiversity & conservation program
  13. Assets and market access collaborative research support (Tropical forests poverty alleviation)
  14. Livelihoods and landscapes strategy: Simulation modelling of LLS landscape
  15. Implementation of LLS project in the Sangha Tri-National Park

Projects funded in 2009

  1. Supporting community forestry to improve livelihoods and to facilitate sustainable management of dry forests in Ethiopia
  2. Gender, tenure and community forests in Uganda and Nicaragua
  3. Sustainable managing the wood energy and source in DR Congo (Makala Project)
  4. REAFOR Phase 2 (Appui a la politique nationale de conservation et gestion des forests et de la biodiversite en republique democratique Congo)
  5. Research, training and information exchange to improve formulation and implementation of natural resources policies in East Kalimantan and West Java
  6. Project biofuels development, local resource rights and governance in Africa and Asia
  7. Production to consumption system (PCS) of bamboo in Cameroon
  8. Learning from REDD: A global comparative analysis
  9. Regional analysis of forestry conflict in the context of devolution in Asia
  10. A program of training in MLA in Baliem, Papua, Indonesia, as a contribution to the IUCN livelihoods and landscape strategy
  11. Saving the remaining orangutan population and their habitat within and surrounding Danau Sentarum National Park
  12. Carbon benefits projects: Modelling, measuring and monitoring
  13. Design principles to maximize learning from REDD demonstration activities