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PEN UK conference media summary

The press release was translated into French, Spanish and Indonesian, and is available on the CIFOR website at: http://www.cifor.cgiar.org/mediamultimedia/newsroom/press-releases/press-releases-detail-view/article/238/new-global-study-shows-high-reliance-on-forests-among-rural-poor.html

The following articles were published based on the press release or from journalists who attended the conference; listed in chronological order:

  • Scientific American, 16 June 2011
    Richer Households More Likely to Contribute to Deforestation
  • Forest Carbon Portal, 16 June 2011
    New global study shows high reliance on forests among rural poor
  • mongabay.com, 16 June 2011
    Poverty doesn't drive deforestation, argues new survey
  • Ecoticias.com (Spanish website), 17 June 2011
    Global study demonstrates that poor rural populations depends highly on forests (Estudio global demuestra que poblaciones rurales pobres dependen en gran medida de los bosques)
  • BioSoc: the Biodiversity and Society Bulletin - Research highlights on biodiversity and society, poverty and conservation, 1 July 2011
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    Counting on the Environment: The Contribution of Forests to Rural Livelihoods. Written by Alessandra Giuliani (pclg@iied.org )