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Ajijur (Syed) Rahman Bangladesh Sustainable forest management for poverty reduction through agroforestry options in the uplands of Eastern Bangladesh.      
Ajith Chandran India Forestry's contribution to sustainable livelihood: Impact of forest policies      
Dao Huy Giap Vietnam Role of Forest and National Park on Poverty Alleviation at Ba Island      
Kahnal (Bir Bahadur Kahnal) Chheti Nepal        
Khaled Misbahuzzaman Bangladesh Conservation practices and livelihood strategies of the village common forest communities in Chittagong hill tracts, Bangladesh.      
Monika Singh India People-forest Relationship: A Study of Forest Management Systems in Western India       
Ha Thi Ngoc Hoang Cambodia        
Nicholas Hogarth China Bamboo based economic development and poverty alleviation in Guangxi Province, China     Short Biography
Ririn S. Purnamasari Indonesia Deforestation dynamics in Indonesia: a household level analysis of the role of poverty and wellbeing change      
Santosh Rayamajhi Nepal Conservation and utilization of high altitude forests in Nepal      
Shah Raees Khan Pakistan Linking conservation and sustainable livelihood strategies: a case study of Northern Pakistan      
Shiba P. Kar Bangladesh Domestication and Commercialization of Non-wood Forest Products in Bangladesh      
Dararath Yem Cambodia        
Koy Ra Cambodia        


Abebe Seifu Ethiopia The contribution of forest resources in poor peoples's livelihood      
Beatrice O. Darko Ghana      
Boureima Ouédraogo Burkina Faso      
Tieguhong Chupezy Cameroon Ecotourism for sustainable development. Economic valuation of recreational potentials of Protected Areas in the Congo Basin      
Manyewu Mutamba Zambia Tapping urban markets: elevating the role of miombo woodlands in rural poverty reduction      
Marie Thérése Yaba Ndiaye Senegal How decentralization has affected the fate of the forests and the local use and income from them      
Øystein Juul Nielsen Mozam-
Using economics to assess the potential for community-based forest management in poverty alleviation in Mozambique      
Pamela Jagger Uganda Poverty and sustainability impacts of Uganda's forest sector governance reform      
Ravi Hegde Mozam-
Payments for environmental services and household behavior: the case of carbon in Mozambique's agro-forests      
Riyong Kim Bakkegaard Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Forests and Poverty: forest contributions to household economies in western Democratic Republic of Congo      
Sylvanus Abua Nigeria The contribution of forest resources to livelihoods security: The case of the Mbe Mountains, Nigeria      
Thabbie Chilongo Malawi        
Yemiru Tesfaye Ethiopia Co-management of forest resources for improved and sustainable livelihoods      


Amy Duchelle Brazil-Acre, Bolivia-Pando Measuring the resilience of Brazil nut production to landscape-level change in Western Amazonian protected areas      
Angelica Almeyda Peru, Brazil, Bolivia Political Ecology of Land Conversion in the Tri-National Border of Southwest Amazon Peru-Brasil-Bolivia     Short biography
Bolier Torres Ecuador Local Forest Management and farm household income in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region      
Jamie Cotta Brazil Smallholder forest use and importance of palms for livelihoods in flooded forests     Short biography
José Pablo Prado
Guatemala Linkages between an endangered endemic fir and peasant economies in Guatemala      
Miriam Wyman Belize Impacts of conservation initiatives and land tenure on land-use decisions      
Patricia Uberhuaga Candia Bolivia Community foresty and poverty      
Sandra C. Tapia Coral Brazil