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Other PEN-related publications

The following PEN-related publications are authored by PEN partners or PEN resource people, names in bold, and use PEN methods and/or data, or were at least partly funded by PEN

Cotta, J.N., Porro, R. (2009) The açaí palm: non-timber forest product and agroforestry tree product.  Article in: Amazon Agroforestry Newsletter Vol 1:1. World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), Belém, Brazil. PAGE 14

Koy, R. (2011) Forests and Their Contribution to Local Livelihoods. Cambodia Development Review, Vol 15, Issue 1 (January – March 2011). CDRI, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Pouliot, M. (2009) Contribution des ressources naturelles à la reduction de la pauvreté chez les populations riveraines du PNKT: un parc situé dans la province du Zoundweogo, au Burkina Faso. Bulletin de la Stratégie PEN 001-002: June-September 2009.

Rahman, S.A. (2007) Potentials and Constraints of Combined Secondary and Tree Crops Systems in Bangladesh. Palawija News, 24(1): 6-11, UNESCAP-CAPSA Newsletter. Publisher: CGPRT Centre

McDougall, R. (2008) Bringing on the bamboo boom. Origins magazine Edition 1, Pp 16-17. Published May 2008 by Charles Darwin University's Corporate Communications.

Koy, R., Lon, P. and Ouch C. (2011) Evaluating Household Forest Dependency: A case from Three Study Sites in Cambodia. Policy brief, No. 13. CDRI, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.