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COBAM update shared at a PACEBCo technical launching workshop

Group photo PACEBCo workshop.  

COBAM representatives presented an update on our progress at a recent workshop in Yaoundé. From 19 to 21 September 2011, the technical launching workshop of the Congo Basin Ecosystems Conservation Support Programme (PACEBCo), was held in the hotel Mont Fébé in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

In all, 122 participants attended the workshop, mainly representatives of partner organisations of the Economic Community of Central African States.

The workshop aimed to facilitate the implementation of activities by:

  1. Informing participants about programme progress and modalities for its implementation in the field
  2. Training the organisations involved in the programme on administrative, accounting and financial procedures
  3. Identifying challenges that could arise in  implementation and proposing appropriate solutions
  4. Initiating a dialogue on the functions of the Local Development Fund

CIFOR was represented by Anne-Marie Tiani , coordinator of the COBAM project and Flore Ndong, who is responsible for finance and administration for the project. In her plenary presentation, COBAM’s coordinator informed participants on the progress of the project, stressing that COBAM is now pursuing research activities at national and regional levels.

This workshop was an important event for COBAM as it allowed, amongst other things to:

  • Establish networks;
  • Create a platform for discussion and exchange of competencies and experiences;
  • Learn procedural requirements for acquisition, justification of expenses and disbursement of funds from the African Development Bank.

PACEBCo is a programme of the Economic Community of Central African States implemented by the COMIFAC. It is funded by the African Development Fund. PACEBCo and CIFOR signed a partnership agreement in May 2010 for the implementation of the COBAM project.

For more information, see the full workshop description in French: www.comifac.org/Members/webmaster/atelier-technique-de-lancement-du-pacebco