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Here are some past publications relevant to CIFOR’s China-related work. For additional resources, including background on CIFOR’s extensive work in Africa, visit our online library.

For publications on the effects of trade and investment on forests, see here.

Selected China-related publications:

Download publication  0.3 MB The China forest products trade Overview of Asia-Pacific supplying countries, impacts and implications
Authors: Katsigris, E.; Bull, G.Q.; White, A.; Barr, C.; Barney, K.; Bun, Y.; Kahrl, F.; King, T.; Lankin, A.; Lebedev, A.; Shearman, P.; Sheingauz, A.; Yufang Su; Weyerhaeuser, H Over 70 % of China's timber product imports are supplied by countries in the Asia Pacific region, and China is the dominant forest product market for many of these countries.
Download publication  0.4 MB China's development of a plantation-based wood pulp industry Government policies, financial incentives, and investment trends
Authors: Barr, C.; Cossalter, C The Chinese government is aggressively promoting development of a domestic wood pulp industry, integrated with a plantation-based fiber supply and downstream paper production.
Download publication  0.4 MB Meeting China's demand for forest products: an overview of import trends, ports of entry, and supplying countries, with emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region China and forest trade in the Asia-pacific region: implications for forests and livelihoods
Forest Trends and CIFOR Washington, DC
Authors:Xiufang Sun; Katsigris, E; White, A.
Download publication  0.7 MB China's forest product import trends 1997-2002: analysis of customs data with emphasis on Asia-Pacific supplying countries China and forest trade in the Asia-pacific region: implications for forests and livelihoods
Forest Trends and CIFOR Washington, D.C., USA
Authors: Xiufang Sun; Nian Cheng; White, A.; West, R.A.; Katsigris, E.
Forestry in China - policy, consumption and production in forestry's newest superpower Commonwealth Forestry Association Oxford, UK
Authors: Jintao Xu; Bull, G.Q.; Nilsson, S.; White, A.; Pottinger, A.J
Download publication  0.5 MB China and the global market for forest products Transforming trade to benefit forests and livelihoods
Forest Trends Washington, D.C., USA
Authors: White, A.; Xiufang Sun; Canby, K.; Jintao Xu; Barr, C.; Cossalter, C.; Nilsson, S
Download publication  0.5 MB The assessment and monitoring of forest resources and forestry products statistics in China Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Bogor, Indonesia
Authors: Liu Dachang; Cossalter, C
Download publication Proceedings of international forum on investment and finance in China's forestry sector China Forestry Publishing House Beijing
Authors: Dai Guangcui; White, A.; Barr, C.; (eds.) 
  Forest law enforcement and rural livelihoods Earthscan London
Authors: Kaimowitz, D 
  Illegal logging in Indonesia: myth and reality Resources For the Future Washington, DC
Authors: Obidzinski, K 
  China's forests Global lessons from market reforms
Resources for the Future and CIFOR Washington, DC
Authors:Hyde, William F.; Belcher, B.; Jintao Xu; (eds.) 
Download publication  0.3 MB China's pulp and paper sector An analysis of supply-demand and medium term projections
Authors: He, D.; Barr, C