Thinking beyond the canopy

The Cameroon REDD Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Country Profile

Focal Point: Denis Sonwa and Lou Verchot
Organisation(s): CIFOR
Contact details: CIFOR, Central Africa Regional Office, P.O. Box: 2008, Yaoundé, Cameroon; Tel: +237 22 22 74 51 / 22 22 74 49; Email: and


CIFOR, through the GCS component/Module 3, initiated several countries profiles (Bolivia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, and Cameroon) to understand the context in which the MRV-REDD+ system differs between each country. These studies allowed CIFOR to understand the national context in which the MRV-REDD+ system will be settled in tropical forest countries. The comparisons will allow CIFOR to draw lessons on MRV capacities.

The MRV countries profile of Cameroon was developed with ONFI (Office National de Forêt International) in 2010. The launching of the profile will provide an opportunity to present the findings to participants, who will be able to field questions to one of the consultants involved in the research.

Understanding the process can help stakeholders in the region to appreciate some of the challenges associated with the development and functioning of MRV at the national level. It can also offer a possibility on how to carry out such capacity assessment on a regular basis in Cameroon or in the region.

Key questions the panel will address

  1. What are the current and future drivers of deforestation and degradation in Cameroon?
  2. What is the linkage between current development objectives of the country, and future degradation and deforestation in Cameroon?
  3. What are the institutional aspects governing MRV activities in Cameroon?


  1. Moderator: Denis Sonwa, Scientist CIFOR (or another person To Be Confirmed)
  2. Main presenter: Pascal Cuny (ONFI) brief presentation on the country profile
  3. Open discussion: chaired by a Moderator

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