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The project

This research project started in 2013 and is still ongoing. Funding is provided by USAID, NORAD and the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (CRP6).

Our objective is to identify MRV systems that produce credible data and are effective, verifiable, participatory and locally relevant so that the data can be embedded into a national database.

Our goals are to:

  • Explore new possibilities for community-based carbon monitoring
  • Explore community-based monitoring of the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation
  • Study participation in reporting by comparing health and forestry sectors in Indonesia
  • Verify the credibility and validity of data collected by local people with remote sensing.

We work in the Republic of Indonesia, in 7 villages located in 3 provinces.

# Province District Sub District Village
1 Papua Mamberamo Raya Mamberamo Hilir Bagusa
2 Yoke
3 West Kalimantan Kapuas Hulu Pengkadan Hulu Pengkadan
4 Boyan Tanjung Nanga Jemah
5 Boyan Tanjung Sriwangi
6 Central Java Wonosobo Wadas Lintang Karanganyar
7 Wonosobo Kaliwiro Lebak

The project is structured around 3 main teams of researchers:

  • A team of social scientists divided into 3 sub teams, each working in one of the provinces. They are studying the conditions under which participation of local communities in MRV is feasible and sustainable.
  • A team of governance specialists is analyzing and comparing the way information flows across levels (from local to national) in the forestry and health sectors.
  • GIS and remote sensing specialists are providing data on land cover and land-use changes for the three provinces and are conducting fieldwork in West Kalimantan to ground check data from satellite images.