Thinking beyond the canopy

Financing Sustainable Forest Management in Central Africa

Focal Point: Guillaume Lescuyer
Organisation(s): CIFOR/CIRAD
Contact details: CIFOR, Central Africa Regional Office, P.O. Box: 2008, Yaoundé, Cameroon; Tel: +237 22 22 74 51 / 22 22 74 49; Email:


In recent years, logging companies have gone through several economic crises, whilst efforts to promote sustainable forest management has continued to  benefit from substantial public sector funding from many bilateral and multilateral  donors. Climate change (notably REDD+), forest governance and large-scale land acquisitions continue to receive much attention from international funders and have progressively replaced topics such as community forestry or non-timber forest products at the top of their agendas.

The objective of this session is to characterize and understand the evolution of funding dedicated to the sustainable management of tropical forests, especially in Central Africa.

Key questions the panel will address

  1. Despite the fact that the total amount spent on sustainable forest management appears to be increasing, is there a change in the sources of funding (national and international public funds, self-funded companies, specific support of banking, laundered money, etc.)? Are there still 'historical' donors, and who are the newcomers?
  2. What are the arrangements for donor intervention? Are there new relationships between donors and clients? Do complex procedures of financing mean greater efficiency in the use of funds?
  3. Which are the most easily funded sustainable forest management issues today and for the next decade? Which important issues remain under-funded and why?
  4. Is there a “REDD-washing” of forest projects happening?


  1. Christophe du Castel, AFD
  2. Esben Brandi, Investment Manager, International Woodland Company, Denmark
  3. Collins Ahadome, Officer-in-Charge, Operations Division, International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), Japan
  4. Timothé Fomete, Director, Fondation TNS
  5. Lauren Kelly, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank
  6. Gérard Daraspe, KfW Moderator: Peter Holmgren, Director General, CIFOR