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Team and partners

Manuel Boissière, PhD
Scientist, project coordinator
m.boissiere@cgiar.org and manuel.boissiere@cirad.fr

Manuel Boissière is an ethnobotanist. He has a PhD in biology from the University of Science in Montpellier (France). His field of interest is the role of forest-dependent communities in decision-making about environmental management, including monitoring, MRV, conservation and development. His research has so far been concentrated in Indonesia (Papua, Central Java, West Kalimantan), Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. He has worked for the Centre de Coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD) since 2002 and, since 2003, has been seconded to the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). He is based in Indonesia and speaks Indonesian fluently.

Arief Wijaya, PhD
Post-doc fellow, Remote sensing/GIS team

Arief Wijaya received his doctoral degree in remote sensing from TU-Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, in 2010. He received his BS from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, in 1998 and his MS degree in marketing from Magister Management Program, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, in 2001. He also received an MSc degree in natural resource management from the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the Netherlands, in 2005.

Serge Claudio Rafanoharana, MSc
Consultant, Remote sensing/GIS team

Serge Rafanoharana is a consultant for the Participatory MRV project as part of the remote sensing and GIS team in Bogor, Indonesia. He has an MSc in information technology for natural resources management from the Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, and another master's degree in information systems and technology from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. His fields of interest include climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate variability, natural resources management and Web-based GIS.

Gilang Aria Seta, BSc
Consultant, Remote sensing/GIS team

Gilang Aria Seta joined CIFOR as a consultant for the Participatory MRV project in the Remote Sensing and GIS Team. He holds a BSc degree in applied meteorology and information systems from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Prior to CIFOR, he worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Geophysics and Meteorology, Bogor Agricultural University, on the subject of Satellite Meteorology. During that time, he also worked as a freelance GIS specialist on the assesment of identifying high conservation value (HCV) areas in Central Kalimantan. He loves being in the outdoors and doing photography.

Carola Hofstee, MPH
Consultant, governance health sector

Carola Hofstee is a public health specialist who was initially trained as an emergency care nurse in The Netherlands. She has been living in Indonesia since 2008 and has been involved in projects related to healthcare and epidemiology such as avian influenza research, the emergency response after the Merapi volcano eruption in 2010 and setting up an HIV clinic for marginalized communities in Bogor.

She recently graduated with a master's in international public health and her thesis topic was on the attitudes towards people living with HIV among government healthcare workers in the city of Bogor. She has been working as an international consultant for CIFOR since April 2013, focusing on dataflow within the Indonesian healthcare system.

Dian Ekowati, MSi
Consultant, governance health sector

Dian Ekowati holds a master's degree in rural sociology from Bogor Agricultural University. She is interested in studying sociological aspects of rural development and forest-communities, including the communities' relations with their natural resources. She has a particular interest in gender and social demography related issues. She has been conducting research since 2006 using qualitative approaches with the Sajogyo institute in Bogor. Her research is mainly in Indonesia (Java, Kalimantan, Papua and Sumatera). Dian is based in Indonesia and speaks the local language, i.e. Javanese and Sundanese, fluently.

Anggoro Santoso Edy Widayat, MSc
Consultant, governance forestry sector
a.santoso@cgiar.org and anggorosantoso@gmail.com

Anggoro Santoso Edy Widayat is an information technology professional with over 10 years of experience working on using information technology to support natural resources management and community development activities. His specialties are spatial analysis, data management, and information systems design and development. He received his bachelor of science degree from the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia in 2001 and holds a master's degree in natural resource management from the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the Netherlands in 2005.

Andhika Vega Praputra
Consultant, governance forestry sector
a.praputra@cgiar.org and andhika.vega@gmail.com

Andhika is an activist turned researcher. He started his career in the field of forestry/natural resources in high school where he worked as a volunteer for environmental education in conservation forest.

After college, he worked with various Indonesian forest and environment non-governmental organizations such as the Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment (RMI), PILI-Green Network and the Indonesian Communication Forum on Community Forestry (FKKM).

He joined CIFOR in May 2013 and because of his interest in policy, governance and forest knowledge management, his research has focused on how participatory MRV data could be reported from the local to the national level. He hopes that the engagement of forest-dependent communities will secure forest resources sustainability.

Ermayanti, MSc
Consultant, database manager

Ermayanti graduated with a master's in biology conservation from the University of Indonesia (UI). She is interested in studying biology conservation and species distribution in Indonesia. She has been working in several projects in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua for the last 20 years. She has worked on developing species databases, focusing particularly on mammalians, birds, amphibians, reptilians and fishes of Indonesia. Ermayanti also co-authored an interactive key of "trees and scrubs of Borneo". She works for the PMRV project as database designer and manager and is also working on monitoring and evaluation activities in an orangutan conservation project in Kalimantan.

Michael Padmanaba, MSc
Research officer, social science, Papua

Michael (also known as Nobo) has a master's degree in forestry, majoring in conservation biology and forest ecology from Gadjah Mada University of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Nobo has been working with the Forests and Environment Program at CIFOR since 2003. He has been involved in various biodiversity research projects including those concerning local perceptions of forests and natural resources, the role of ground mammals on forest regeneration, and the spread of invasive alien species in tropical forests. Since 2010, he has focused on the Mamberamo watershed in Papua, where CIFOR and partners, including the Centre de coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD) and Conservation International (CI) Indonesia, conducted research and capacity building for Collaborative Land Use Planning (COLUP). The project aimed to support spatial planning in Mamberamo Raya Regency that incorporates local interests and perceptions of forest and biodiversity. When the PMRV project started in May 2013, he joined as part of the project management team, additionally conducting research as part of the social science team in Papua.

Guillaume Beaudoin, MSc
Consultant, social science, Papua, team leader

Guillaume Beaudoin has an MSc degree in agriculture and environmental engineering from ISA University (Lille, France), College of Agriculture, Environmental and Food Sciences and studied environmental sciences at Wageningen University. He completed his master's thesis in 2011 with CIFOR on Collaborative Land Use Planning in Papua (COLUP) especially focusing on participatory monitoring in conservation areas. He continued to work in Papua in 2012 as a research and development manager for a carbon trading company combining community-based agro-forestry and local economic development for smallholders. He pursued this work in Burkina-Faso in 2013 with a particular focus on training, capacity building and agro-forestry diversification through collaboration with local partners. He started to work with the PMRV project in May 2013.

Walker DePuy, PhD student
Consultant, social science, Papua

Walker DePuy is a PhD student at the University of Georgia, USA, where he is studying integrative conservation and anthropology. He completed an MS in environmental justice, with a certificate in African studies, from the University of Michigan in 2011. During that time, he pursued ethnographic thesis research investigating the cultural geography and political ecology of Laikipia County, Kenya, a highly bio-diverse, unprotected, mixed-livelihood landscape. Over the course of his career, he has also conducted socio-environmental fieldwork in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico, as well as across the United States. He joined CIFOR's PMRV team in May 2013.

Isack Yable, BSc
Intern, social science, Papua

Isack Yable is currently a student at the State University of Papua (UNIPA- Universitas Negeri Papua), Faculty of Forestry. He attended three years of vocational school in the Department of Forest Conservation, Faculty of Forestry, at the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB- Institut Pertanian Bogor), from 2006–2009. He was the leader of the Forestry Students for Enumeration of Temporary and Permanent Sample Plots in Fakfak, Raja Ampat and Wondama with the department of forest area stabilization (BPKH - Balai Pemantapan Kawasan Hutan) Manokwari, between 2012 and 2013. In 2013 he also participated in the drafting of the Regional Action Plan for REDD+ in Manokwari with UNIPA and the Indonesia's development planning agency (BAPPEDA- Badan Perencana Pembangunan Daerah). He joined the PMRV team in July 2013 as an intern for his Bachelor's thesis.

Wahid Ullah, BSc
Intern, social science, West Kalimantan
w.ullah@cgiar.org and waheedullah@live.in

Wahid Ullah is currently pursuing a master's of natural resources and environmental management from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. His fields of interest are poverty reduction and livelihood improvement through sustainable agriculture, natural resources management and community development. To fulfill his master's degree he is conducting research on identifying the key hurdles of smallholder farmers that limit their participation in supermarkets and keep them economically marginalized. He is also working for the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) to identify conditions for efficient and sustainable MRV systems so that it can be embedded into a national database.

In 2010, he worked for the United Nations Development Programme on greater improved livelihoods and local economies, restoration of social services, infrastructure, and restoration and improvement of the environment. He speaks Indonesian fluently.

Liz Felker, BSc
Consultant, social science, West Kalimantan
mfelker@cgiar.org or maryelizabethfelker@gmail.com

Liz is currently working as a social scientist, looking specifically at local conditions in West Kalimantan. Before her time at CIFOR, Liz worked as a research assistant in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California, Berkeley, an intern at the San Francisco Department of the Environment, and a freelance cartographer. Liz graduated from the College of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley. Her interests include the intersections of society and environment; forestry; and the promotion of green chemistry implementation. Though Liz is far away from her native Tennessee she has quickly adapted to the speeding motorbikes, warm temperatures, daily nasi, and the stinking delicious durian of Indonesia.

Firmus (Alloy) Pegansius Juandi, S.Pd
Consultant, social science, West Kalimantan

Firmus was born in Sintang, West Kalimantan. He graduated from the English Department at the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) UNTAN in Pontianak and has been teaching English in several primary schools in Pontianak. Firmus was working as a teacher for JOYFUL Kindergarten in Pontianak (2008 until 2013) before he joined CIFOR as a translator for the PMRV program in West Kalimantan. In the three villages that the Social Team work in, most people are not fluent in Indonesian and only speak Hulu. It has been interesting and challenging for Firmus to translate three languages: Indonesian, English and Hulu, and at the same time use agriculture- and forestry-related terminology that he was not familiar with. While a native of Borneo mainland, and thus very familiar with the local cultures, he noticed how similar yet different his homeland is to the three study sites. He has learned about the village culture, social life and customs for sharing common knowledge and unique perspectives.

Indah Waty, MDP
Consultant, social science, West Kalimantan, team leader
I.waty@cgiar.org or indah_lie@yahoo.com

Indah volunteered and worked for Madanika, a local non-governmental organization in West Kalimantan, from 2000 to 2008. Her experience ranges from writing and editing some of the organization's publications and media campaign materials, to organizing and facilitating capacity building trainings and workshops in environmental and conflict resolution areas. During that time, she also assisted in research on non-timber forest product potential and development planning strategies. In 2009, she worked as a local expert in community forest development for the Forest and Climate Program, a cooperation program between the German Development Service (Deutcscher Entwicklungsdienst ­– DED) and West Kalimantan Forestry Department. She graduated with a master's of sustainable development practice with a certificate in tropical conservation and development from the University of Florida, USA, under a scholarship from the Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program in 2013. She did her fieldwork in Botswana, Africa, assessing livelihoods, governance and resilience of communities that live around the Okavango Delta. Indah joined CIFOR's Participatory MRV program in May 2013 and has been working in the West Kalimantan site since then.

Lina F. Jihadah, BSc
Consultant, social science, Central Java
L.Farida@cgiar.org or ln.andalusia@gmail.com

Lina graduated as a forester from Gadjah Mada University. She is interested in the interactions between forests and forest-dwelling people, and how policy influences their livelihoods. She previously worked with CIFOR for her bachelor thesis (Gadjah Mada University) on local people's perceptions of REDD+ demonstration activities (DA) in Central Kalimantan and how this influences people's participation in DA. She joined the PMRV social science team in May 2013. She contributed to the design of the PMRV social research, data collection and analysis. Her research site is in Wonosobo, Central Java.

Yuli Nugroho, MSc
Consultant, social science, Central Java, team leader

Yuli has 15 years experience in studies related to rural and regional development, poverty alleviation and local institutions throughout Indonesia. Since 2000, he has been focusing on forestry and environment, and decentralization and devolution of natural forest management. He was granted a number of research fellowships such as API (Asian Public Intellectual), ASF (Asian Scholarship Foundation), and AIGRP (Australia Indonesia Governance Research Partnership) to conduct research on decentralization and devolution of forest management.

Alice Bortzmeyer
Intern, social science, Central Java
Alice.bortzmeyer@supagro.inra.fr or a.bortzmeyer@gmail.com

When Alice joined the PMRV team, she was in her second year of an engineering degree specializing in tropical agronomy at Montpellier SupAgro University, which depends on the Institute of Tropical Regions. The curriculum aims to train multidisciplinary engineers to work in developing countries and to deal with issues related to agricultural and rural development. In 2010, she worked in Burkina Faso for a month to conduct a survey and evaluate development projects. She also went to Madagascar for three months to work on the establishment of a protected area. In 2012, she was in Vietnam for three months working with agro-ecological exploitation, producing essential oils, where she was in charge of an experiment on crops.

Putri Atikasari, BA
Project assistant, social science, Central Java

Putri graduated from the Department of International Relations, Gadjah Mada University. Before joining CIFOR, she was an intern at the United Nations Information Centre in Jakarta for five months. Between 2012-2013, she was a teaching assistant for Contemporary Global Issues and Politics of International Trade in the Department of International Relations, Gadjah Mada University. From September to October 2013 Putri acted as an enumerator and interpreter for the PMRV program in Central Java. She joined the PMRV social science team in April 2014. Her contribution to the project includes data entry, assisting database management, and administrative tasks regarding project management.

Sandra Dharmadi Hawthorne, PhD
Consultant, Literature review

Sandra is a scientist in the Participatory Measurement, Reporting and Verification (PMRV) project. She received her PhD in forest hydrology from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She conducted a literature review for the PMRV project on existing participatory approaches in natural resource/biodiversity monitoring and MRV. She also reviewed the proposed multi-level MRV system in Indonesia and MRV processes at project level to explore how PMRV approach can be integrated.