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Borneo – Sumatra Sentinel Landscape

Western Borneo Sentinel Landscape: The three regencies this Sentinel Landscape is concerned with are: Kapuas Hulu, Sintang and Ketapang. These regencies represent a gradient of forest degradation balanced by traditional agroforestry systems which are impacted by the development of monoculture plantations, mainly oil palm.

The regencies and provincial government have made commitments to conserve their natural resources, but the challenge is to ensure this can be done while creating economic development that ensures poverty alleviation and supports the needs of the local population.

The potential impact of the growth of oil palm plantations remains unclear and presents a major challenge to the regencies, which is faced with the need to mitigate the impacts of economic development whilst maintaining ecosystem services, preserving the environmental and social functions that they provide.

Sumatra Sentinel Landscape: The proposed transect includes large parts of Sumatra's National Parks and protected areas alongside globally significant biodiversity (including Sumatran tiger and orangutan release sites on the Riau side of the transect), where local use of very rich flora and fauna is extensive. Hilly and lowland areas of the transect are mosaics of dynamics land uses by small holder farmers as well large as scale operators.