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Central Africa Humid Tropics Transect Sentinel landscape

The Central Africa Humid Tropics Sentinel Landscape (CAFHUT) represents a dynamic socio-ecological gradient of forest and land-use in the Congo Basin. Currently focussed on Cameroon, the sites demonstrate a gradient where forest and tree-based livelihoods are and will become prevalent means of poverty alleviation. These sites are where the pressures of urban development, population growth, forest commercialisation and land-use transition are changing the face of the forest landscape at a rapid pace. In particular, the landscape features:

  1. Mature humid dense forest to the south east of the country where forest-dwelling men and women profit from hunting and the consumption and sale of a wealth of non-timber forest products.
  2. Fragmented mosaics of primary and secondary forests impacted by (a) an extensive yet poorly understood informal timber market, (b) a 100 year-old logging industry which accounts for an average of six per cent of the GDPs of many Central African Countries and (c) vast roads paving their way to logging and mining concessions in the heart of the Congo Basin.
  3. Peri-urban areas where both primary and secondary forest fragments still exist, but where the land-use has been dominated by mixed smallholder agroforestry and intensified agricultural systems.
  4. Zones where forest meets savannah and agricultural activities dominate, but where local inhabitants have begun to reap the rewards of cocoa agroforestry, slowly transforming deforested landscapes into productive and profitable tree-based livelihoods.