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Improving outcomes for teak smallholders


The aim of this project is to improve the livelihoods of smallholders growing teak in Indonesia. In order to do this it is necessary to tackle the constraints they face in an integrated manner. These constraints include current silvicultural practices the lack of financing schemes and limited marketing strategies and outlets. Financing and marketing for teak smallholders face policy constraints as well. This description of objectives and activities suggests the activities are independent of each other, but in reality the research team implements these activities in an integrated way.

The project has three specific objectives:

  1. To introduce and adapt silvicultural technologies that improve returns for smallholder teak producers
    1. Identify and evaluate current and potential silvicultural management practices, through participatory rural appraisal, and review company and smallholder experiences nationally and globally
    2. Conduct a series of farmer silvicultural trials
    3. Develop and evaluate guidelines for improved smallholder teak production

  2. To identify and design financing schemes that provide incentives for smallholder participation in profitable teak production
    1. Undertake participatory financial and economic analysis of current management practices, including social and ecological costs and benefits
    2. Evaluate rural financing schemes, financing behaviour, and the relevant policy and regulatory frameworks,  through participatory appraisal and review
    3. Develop a model financing scheme

  3. To enhance smallholder teak producers' access to markets
    1. Evaluate the production to consumption chain, including the current processing options, through rapid market appraisal (RMA)
    2. Review policy disincentives that hinder smallholders' production, marketing and processing of teak
    3. Conduct action research with smallholder teak producers to improve their market linkages and derive best practice marketing guidelines