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Improving outcomes for teak smallholders

Supporting local microfinance associations

We facilitated the establishment of Lembaga Keuangan Mikro Gunungseribu (LKM) on 9 December 2011. LKM members are also members of the farmer groups who are participating in our projects on site. The mission of LKM is to facilitate and mediate for smallholders growing teak to gain capital and market access for better management of their forestland. LKM also seeks to overcome smallholders’ urgent need to gain income by harvesting timber as soon as possible by considering the value of protecting natural resources and ecosystems. LKMs’ activities include savings and loans instruments, tree adoption, tree short-term loan program and selling teak at competitive prices. They also work on alternative future businesses based on forest resources, including the manufacture of organic fertilizer, livestock management, be it fattening, or breeding of goats or cattle, carpentry, furniture and crafts.