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Improving outcomes for teak smallholders

Field trips

We conducted study tours to several places on two occasions in late November and early December 2007. We visited teak processing factories, a private teak plantation (Perum Perhutani), a tree nursery and neighbouring teak-producing communities. The first study tour was attended by project scientists to review the current teak management practices and identifying possible improvements that could be applied on smallholders’ teak production systems. The second study tour was attended by members of farmer associations and included these activities.

  • We gave them an overview of the teak wood industry, log specifications required by the industry, estimated market demand and to explore possible further marketing cooperation.
  • The group learned about the best appropriate silviculture methods to apply in the Gunungkidul area, based on Perum Perhutani and FORDA-DIY experiences;
  • The group discussed and learned about the success story from farmer groups and cooperatives in Gunungkidul District villages, especially about establishing an association for collective action and a community forest programme plan.

The field trip included 45 participants from 7 project selected villages (farmers, local traders and community leaders), World Agroforestry Centre, CIFOR, Inter-CAFÉ IPB, FORDA and Forest Farmers Consortium of Gunungkidul District.

CIFOR-World Agroforestry Centre joint Board of Trustees field trip to project site. This was part of the schedule of the 26th CIFOR Board of Trustees meeting held 15–16 November 2009. We introduced our board members to local best practices in Teak Forest Management, farmer association capacity building and smallholder farm management through visits to Wonosari, Bejiharjo and Karangduwet. We facilitated discussion between Board members, the smallholders growing teak and local microfinance institutions.

Exchange visits to Yayasan Peramu dan Baytul Maal Bogor. We helped the committee of LKM Gunungseribu visit the microfinance institution Yayasan Peramu dan Baytul Maal on 20 January 2011 in Bogor, West Java. Yayasan Peramu, established in 2004, as a microfinance institution based on shariah guidelines for credit systems. The organization works to empower women from poor families through access to credit and education. The LKM leadership explored the appropriate framework for setting up a microfinance institution in Gunungkidul. This activity was led by InterCAFE IPB and attended by CIFOR and the Farm Forestry Consortium of Gunungkidul.